Online Quran Lessons – Always Pick a Good Teacher and Just stick with Him

Always pray that God Purify your heart From Hypocrisy and all of your actions from dissimulation. Make sure that your tongue is not lying and your eyes are away from surreptitious looks. It is very important to look for a good teacher when you have decided to learn quran online. It is a fact that Quran is not dropped on us like a pack up but it was first revealed by Allah on Prophet PBUH through a teacher who was Jibrail AS. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH then taught it to their companions.

As the Islam started spreading, the concept of teaching Quran in a traditional way through a teacher also continued and it is still in practice. Then comes the time when the copies of the written Quran were distributed to people in many regions and there was also an individual who teach it to these people.

Finding a Qualified Teacher for Online Quran Learning

One lesson that was learned from all this is the concept of having a physical teacher who can teach you Quran by sitting in front of you. So the most difficult part of your learning experience can be to find a teacher who is qualified enough. He is able to teach you in your interests. It is necessary because after completing the elementary material you have to learn Tajweed. You have to make a high search and to find a person who can teach you online and also, he is living in the same time zone. Make sure that the teacher you are choosing is also fluent in English and he will also provide you instruction on the One-on-one basis. The most important thing is that he is eager to acknowledge you are his student.

Making a Suitable Match

Although there are a lot of teachers available on the internet yet it is very difficult to find a perfect match to learn Quran online.  It may happen that you failed to find one, you cry, you make dua, and you did Astaghfar all the time and then God opens the doors of knowledge for you and sends a teacher for you to make you how to learn Quran Online.

It is a fact that teacher come and after some time they leave you but you learn a lot from all of them.  But the one that leaves a great impact on you is the one who has treated you like a child and you are connected with him since long.